Let Us Take Care Of Your Payroll
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All plans include:

  • Monthly Payslips
  • Leave Management
  • Expense Claims
  • Employee Info Updates
  • Monthly EMP201 Submissions
  • Bi-annual EMP501 Submissions
  • COIDA Return of earnings
  • UIF Returns
  • Payroll Payment Batches
  • Department of Labour Compliance

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Starter Package
1-10 Emp
R 1400 Excluding VAT pm
Once-off Take on Fees: R 700 (Excl VAT)
All default inclusions
Growth Package
11-50 Emp
R 2050 Excluding VAT pm
Once-off Take on Fees: R 1500 (Excl VAT)
All default inclusions
Premium Package
51-100 Emp
R 2550 Excluding VAT pm
Once-off Take on Fees: R 1500 (Excl VAT)
All default inclusions

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May 2024

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Amla Auditors focuses on providing end-to-end Payroll Outsourcing services This clear focus allows us to be experts in payroll outsourcing. Our customer base ranges from organisations employing 15 up to 1000 employees, across various industries. Our Ambition Is to Build a World-Class Payroll Outsourcing Business. We Combine State-Of-The-Art Cloud Technologies with A Dream Team. No software licences, no permanent payroll staff and no IT costs for updates and back-ups. Get a price on our calculator. Rest assured that your payroll complies with the latest statutory regulations. We quote an all-in price for end-to-end payroll outsourcing services. No cost surprises. Mission-critical payroll function not reliant on one person. In addition to other key considerations when outsourcing your payroll, the time of year can also drive your decision to outsource.

The beginning of the new tax year is a time when many organisations change vendors they have been considering for a while or replace old ones that are not working out.

The benefits of payroll outsourcing become more apparent during tax year-end procedures. Payroll mistakes made during the year don’t only impact the employees’ pay, but also the company’s e-filing with SARS. These mistakes have a ripple effect on company compliance, taxes, and leave accruals. Some of the common mistakes include improper IRP5 codes, missing Efiling deadlines, and incurring unnecessary interest and penalties. Bad record-keeping can lead to a lot of distress.

Payroll is the biggest expense in most businesses. Saving a fraction of the payroll can make a massive difference in a business’s bottom line. Also bear in mind that inexperienced Payroll departments are often not equipped or capable of staying abreast of ever-changing tax regulations.
Also, take note that payroll is the most common place where fraud takes place because people have access to payroll because of the confidential nature of salaries and wages. Processes in HR and payroll should be reviewed constantly as businesses grow and their requirements change and evolve. Proper payroll health checks and balances should be in place.

Outsourced payroll companies have a habit of luring clients in with low costs but then add on the hidden charges whenever a client needs help. At Amla Auditors, we develop relationships for the long term. This means transparent costs, professional, personalised service and a commitment to your business success. Business owners face a decision: Do they devote time and energy to developing manpower and know-how to keep up with payroll legislative changes and all the administration and queries that go with it, or do they focus on managing their businesses, generating sales and achieving revenue growth?

Running a strong legally compliant payroll department has become an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task for companies of all sizes. Payroll Administrators can no longer just be on top of changes from a payroll software and legislation point of view. They also have to keep up with changes that are implemented in the SARS e@syFile and eFiling electronic submission systems and all the acts that govern the paying of employees.